Friday, 9 May 2008

Is There More to Tantra Than Just Sex?

Improving our life styles and making the best of our leisure is becoming an essential pursuit within modern society. The stressful life pace of today's day and age has naturally increased our need to find means of relaxation and pleasure. Hence, it is not a surprising fact that more and more people show interest in alternative practices such as yoga and meditation.

One of the more popular areas of interest in the past few years is Tantra- The ancient art of love making. Kerry & Diane Riley- Heads of the Australian school of Tantra, declare that their relatively new downloadable Tantra course (worth of no less than 177$) has already generated more than 200,000 unique sales for them, and this is just a sheer example.

So what draws people for Tantra in the first place?

Well, the first obvious answer that would immediately come into mind is- Sex, and for a very justified reason indeed. We hear from Tantric practitioners (including some of our very famous Celebs such as Tom Hanks, Sting and others) that Tantra has the power to upgrade almost any man into literally a Sex God- turning him into a multi orgasmic creature that can last for hours and hours on end. For women it is a way to expand their sexual magic and orgasmic potential into a whole new dimension.

But it's not only about sex…

Tantra has originated from ancient India, and is mentioned in the 'Vedic' (Hindu) scriptures as a spiritual practice for enlightenment. Tantra was traditionally a very meditative practice that used to be intertwined with yoga practice and mantra chants. It is therefore not surprising to hear from nowadays Tantric practitioners that Tantra serves them as a very relaxing and spiritually uplifting experience.

Furthermore, we are witnessing more and more success stories among couples who report a dramatic improvement in their intimacy as a result of Tantric practices. Sharon white, a marriage counselor and a Tantra expert testify that ever since she started implementing Tantra guidance within her counseling sessions, her success rate sky rocked from 65% to 90% among her patients. "As a Tantra practitioner for the past 20 years, I myself am surprised to acknowledge the extent to which Tantra has healed my patient's relationships. It is most definitely the relationship healer for the 21 century" she exclaims.

Tantra is being learned today in workshops and private courses, and Tantric massage has even become a very popular service offered by spas all over the world. Moreover, we were literally AMAZED by the number of daily searches for "Tantric massage" on the search engines- A whooping 2807 daily searches!

For people who want to discover and practice Tantra there are many courses available. A course for couples (usually a weekend with all the hosting facilities included) should cost anywhere around 400$-1000$ a person. There are much cheaper and no less effective means to learn Tantra though, such as the downloadable (book and audio) practical home course, given by two of the most world known Tantric teachers- Kerry & Diane Riley.

In their course you will discover step by step, and in a very professional and comprehensive way, how to become the ultimate Tantric lovers. Their course covers all of the Tantra aspects; from Tantric juicy positions through complete control over ejaculation (for men), balancing differences in libidos, Tantra massage, sexual meditation, and all the way into deepening the love and intimacy within your relationship and turning your sex into a sacred love making. The price of this instantly downloadable course is 177$, and it has been widely recognized over the internet as the best valued product for its price.

For more information feel free to visit Kerry & Diane 's site at:
Tantra Home Course

Richard Summer

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A New Cure For UTI?

A Short Story about a Little Woman Who Conquered a Life Long Disease…

Last month, Author and UTI survivor Gabriella Wilson, launched one of the more interesting sites on urinary infections; Not only for her unique life story, but also for unveiling her personal method of treatment, one that seems to fight chronic urinary infections in a way hasn't been seen by conventional medicine yet.

Being devastated with her 15 years of intensive antibiotic consumption, Gabriela Wilson, who used to encounter 10-15 urinary infections a years(!), was compelled to find an alternative solution for eliminating her chronic UTI. Having tested numerous alternative remedies, she now appears to have found the "holy grail treatment" for urinary infections, leaving her with 0 infections for the past two years.

The treatment method presented on Gabriela's site stroked us with its remarkable simplicity; One home made recipe, one herbal medicine, and a long set of preventative rules is all there is to it. Amazingly enough, this unique combination seems to have provided an ironclad weapon against the recurrence of her UTI.

But that's not all. Gabriela took her personal victory one step further, and decided to conduct a little "research" within an internet community she was involved in, pertaining to women who like her were facing a chronic condition of recurrent urinary infections:

"To my greatest amazement, 96.2% of the 179 who started applying my method of treatment reported of a tremendous renovation, not only in their urinary tracts but in other physiological aspects as well. 89.3% of them didn't have another urinary infection for the past 18 months".

Despite her being no more than just another average person, Gabriela's remarkable method of treatment has brought a relieving wind of change in the personal lives of quite a few other individuals as well, leaving conventional medicine practitioners puzzled and speechless.

Now, along with the hope for the success of a new (underdevelopment) UTI vaccine by our modern scientists, we should also take comfort knowing that there are alternative solutions for urinary infections that don't fall back from our western medical practices.

For more information visit Gabriela's site at:

Richard Summer